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Top Posts of 2014

top posts of 2014 It’s New Years Eve. We’re closing out 2014, and it’s been quite a year.

Top Posts of 2014

Its a time to look back at 2014 and reflect on what we’ve done. Many of our readers are still playing catch up, so here are the Top Posts of 2014.

#10. Upgrade an ALICE pack

upgrade an ALICE packMany of you decided to see what it takes to turn a military surplus backpack legend into a modern day bug out rucksack. This post was fun to work on, and turned my ALICE pack into a serious contender with my more expensive commercial packs! Click here to read more…

 #9 Avoid the Ebola Virus

avoid the ebola virusI’ll be honest, the media had me just as nervous about Ebola, as everyone else. We dug in, looked at the virus, how it acts then decided on methods to keep ourselves Ebola-Free. This post stayed popular for quite some time, until the media hype died down. Click here to read more…


#8 Restricted Water and the Secret Weapon to Access It

restricted water and the secret weapon to access it silcock key geekprepperWe showed you where you could find water, that isn’t readily available, unless you have this inexpensive tool. Downtown, rest stops, and the world is full of water and in an emergency, you should be able to get to it, if you need it. Click here to read more…

#7 Get Home Bag Contents

get home bag contentsMany of us travel or commute to work. We found out what items you should have, then tucked them away in your old, inconspicuous backpack and stowed that in the trunk of your car. Now you will make it home, no matter how bad things get. Click here to read more…

#6 Budget HAM Radio

budget ham radioYou wanted to communicate, across as many frequencies as possible, and to as many devices as you could. We found an awesome HAM radio that utilize 2 Meter, 70cm, GMRS, FRS, NOAA weather and much much more. This Swiss Army Knife of the radio world won’t break the bank, it’s very affordable. Click here to read more…

#5 100,000 Gallons of Water for Your Bug Out Bag

100000 gallons of water for your bug out bag geekprepperWater weighs about 8lbs/gallon. We found you a tool that will give you 100,000 gallons of fresh drinking water, and it fits in the palm of your hand. Click here to read more…

#4 Bug Out Destinations – Where you going to go?

bug out destinationsEverybody is going to bug out! Where are they all going to go? Where are you going to go? We put together some methods to help you find the safest location for you and your loved ones. Click here to read more…

#3 DIY Water Filter

DIY Home Water FilterA family-sized water filter is exactly what you need at home, your bug out retreat, or at your camp, but a the top of the line filters can cost you a fortune. Here is a way to build your own, quickly and cheaply, providing you a vast source of drinking water. Click here to read more…

#2 Overlooked Bug Out Essentials

overlooked bug out bag essentials

We all forget to pack something, from time to time. That’s the last thing you need, if you have to grab a bag and hit the road. We’ve put our heads together and put together quite a list. You won’t need many of these items, but I’ll bet it will help you realize what you did forget! Click here to read more…

Drum Roll, please!

It’s time for #1 post of 2014

#1 Methods to Determine Direction

methods to determine directionWe pulled out our Geek Prepper bag of tricks and posted some simple ways to determine direction, without using a compass. These can be a lifesaver if you get lost or need to get someplace and aren’t sure which way to head. Click here to read more…

Thanks for hanging out with us in 2014. I can’t wait to hit the trails and let you know what works, what makes sense and what to avoid in 2015. I appreciate your emails, comments and corrections, and I couldn’t do it without you.

Let’s get back to it in 2015. I can’t wait to spend the next year with you through you web browser and helping you get the edge in survival!

All the best,

John (Geek Prepper)


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