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How to Choose the Best Survival Lighter for 2018

No survivalist or outdoor adventurer should be going about without a trusty survival lighter by his side.  It’s one of the most important things you should stash on your kit and backpack. If you’ve ever built a bug-out bag then you’ll know that it’s a must-have. What’s so important about a lighter? It can be your best friend in emergency survival ...

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How to Choose a Hiking Water Filter (+2018 Buyer Guide)

Just how important is water to us? Without water, a man will die within three days. Our body is made up of around 65 percent water. You can probably survive a trail hike or a short camping trip with nothing but your trusty water jug. But it becomes a whole new game when you’re trapped, isolated and trying to survive ...

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9 Insane And Near Death Stories Of Survival

Accidents seem as one of the most spontaneous things that exist. No one can tell when or where it will happen, and how strong it will affect the lives of those who got involved. As such, people do preparations to avoid the worst thing nature, bad decisions, and timing can offer. However, you cannot avoid every mishap and you need ...

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How to Survive in the Desert: Learn the Essentials

The desert- an unforgiving landscape environment filled with dangers present at all times. This is the final resting place of unprepared souls, with their bleached bones perfectly preserved by the hot sun and the hungry vultures. Think you can survive out in the desert? It’s definitely a beautiful place, yes, but the hot of the sun and the cold of ...

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