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The Best Martial Arts for Self Defense…And the Worst!

There are many reasons why one should learn martial arts, with self-defense ranking pretty high up on the list. But like everything else, not all martial arts disciplines are equal when it comes to fending off harm and protecting loved ones. Yes it’s often true that many of them share a common form of self-defense technique or weapon training, but ...

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How To Survive Radiation Poisoning From A Nuclear Attack Or Accident

With two nuclear capable countries engaged in continuous bombardment of colorful words, one can’t help but think that at some point, someone pissed enough would push the red button and trigger the next world war. According to many surveys, the US-North Korea rift makes one of the greatest world security concerns today. Moreover, the news of US conducting quiet military ...

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How to Survive an Air Raid in Your City

In the past, air raids turned vibrant communities into rubble. Lives ended in a snap without an opportunity to fight back. In this generation where kids enjoy their iPads, Xbox, and school allowance, it would be a pain for everything to go away due to a war. And in a war where air raids always win, a lot will be ...

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How to Choose the Best Survival Lighter for 2018

No survivalist or outdoor adventurer should be going about without a trusty survival lighter by his side.  It’s one of the most important things you should stash on your kit and backpack. If you’ve ever built a bug-out bag then you’ll know that it’s a must-have. What’s so important about a lighter? It can be your best friend in emergency survival ...

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