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Weekend Musings

musingsSometimes you just have awesome ideas at the most random times. Welcome to my musings!

Weekend Musings

If the Grid ever goes down and we all have to fall back on old school hand tools, there will be a huge rush at all the hardware stores and antique shops. Almost every store you can think of will be over run with people fighting to get anything that they can.

I’ll beat the rush and pillage my local Cracker Barrel restaurant, and maybe grab some dinner.

If you’ve never been in a Cracker Barrel restaurant, they have tons of old hand tools, farming implements and other items hanging on the walls and from the ceilings, as part of their decor.

cracker barrel

This came to mind, when I took the wife and kids out for dinner last evening. Ahhh…. the thoughts of a prepper.

I called it first, so don’t steal my idea ;-)

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