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Pace counting with Ranger Beads

pace counting with ranger beads

  With the advent of GPS systems, navigating with a map have almost become a lost skill. If you were to use a map, or if you had to travel overland, how would you measure the distance you’ve covered? In this post we’ll teach you pace counting with Ranger Beads.

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Plan Your Bug Out Routes

plan your bug out routes

  If the SHTF, you can bet that the preppers and non-preppers alike are going to head for the hills. Many of those people trying to get out of dodge are going to jump in their cars and hit the road, causing quite a large traffic jam of sitting ducks. If using a rugged bug out vehicle to escape down back ...

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Methods to Determine Direction

methods to determine direction

  Are one of those people, who can’t tell which way is north, without a compass? Then it’s time to develop your direction finding skills! Here are some handy, simple methods to determine direction!

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Using a map and compass

Using a Map and Compass

It’s so easy to pull out your smart phone and use a map app or GPS app to navigate to your chosen destination. What if GPS ceases to function, or if you want to avoid being tracked by your cell phone carrier? Using a map and compass is a fool proof system to find your way.

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Disaster Readiness Planning using Google Maps

Many of us know our way around our area if we are driving, but what if that’s not an option? If there is one thing everyone should do, it should be to do disaster readiness planning with Google Maps. This can provide you with a birds eye view and terrain view of the areas you are likely to be.

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