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Budget Ham Radio – Part 2: The Prequel

budget ham radio prequel

You’ve seen my previous post about My Foray into Budget Ham Radio, in which I extoll the virtues of the awesome BaoFeng UV-5R Plus. I must be honest with our readers, there was a dual band, hand held, budget ham radio before the BaoFeng. It was the TYT TH-UVF1 and it’s a story worth telling.

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Budget Bug Out Tent

budget bug out tent

   I wanted a decent tent. I only had 2 requirements, that it didn’t cost me a fortune and that it wasn’t a crazy bright color, but something that would blend in. If I could meet those 2 items I’d have a great budget but out tent!

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ILBE pack as a bug out bag

ilbe as a bug out bag

   I’m always on the look out for the bargain, especially for large or expedition backpacks. Using the surplus ILBE pack as a bug out bag is a great budget bug out option!

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Budget Bug-Out Bag gear

budget bug out bag gear

   Everyone deserves a chance, regardless of income or station, in life. The budget bug-out bag gear list will give you multiple options to help you cut costs, while giving you dependable options, for the bag itself and the contents to keep you alive.

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