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Backyard Primitive Fire starting

Backyard Primitive Fire startingEvery time I watch one of those “survivor” TV shows, like Survivorman, or Man vs Wild, I see these people starting fires with nothing but sticks. I’ve been neglectful of developing my Backyard Primitive Fire starting skills , just like many of you.

Backyard Primitive Fire starting

I have a million excuses as to why I don’t need to learn primitive fires tarting methods, but I think the big reason is laziness. I’ve become too complacent and too reliant on fire steel, cigarette lighters and other fire starting gadgets.

I’ve resolved to change this.

I am going to learn to make fire just by using sticks. It’s going to be hard and a huge pain in the arse, but this one skills, will change how I survive.

If we flee to the wild with nothing, we can still survive, as long as I can make fire!

The one flaw with my plan is that I need to practice, practice, and practice some more. I can’t practice just when I’m in the woods, I need to practice when I’m home too.

How can I practice fire making while in the city or a subdivision?

Then it hit me….

A fire pit. I can buy a fire pit and practice my fire making skills, right here in my backyard. I’ll be able to head out back after work and try some¬†Backyard Primitive Fire starting with sticks… old school. Man my hands are going to hate me.

I promise to be vigilant and learn to learn this skill. I also promise to post some videos, once I have some success. I hope you will follow my lead and learn some Backyard Primitive Fire skills too.

A fire pit would also come in pretty handy to burn my shredded sensitive personal docs, adding another layer of protection to my family’s opsec.


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