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Uncommon Bug Out Bag Items – 11 uses for a Frisbee

11 uses for a frisbeePreppers must be practical and carry multi-use items.This leads to some very innovative and uncommon Bug Out Bag items. Today we’re looking at an item we may all have. 11 uses for a Frisbee for bug out and survival.

Uncommon Bug Out Bag Items – 11 uses for a Frisbee

  1. Water collection tool: you can get a few cups of water by laying it on the ground during rainfall. Scoop water from a stream. Also could water your dog using it!
  2. plate for food: need to eat off of something
  3. Cutting board: use the bottom of it to slice things up,
  4. Collection basket: collect nuts, berries, edible plants, tinder shavings,
  5. mortar/pestle: you could probably mash or grind up some items, plants, berries or nuts in it
  6. emergency shovel: you could scoop snow or soft soil with a Frisbee
  7. weapon: you might be able to fell small game with a Frisbee, but you could always chuck it at an assailants face for a distraction allowing you to make your move or flee.
  8. Fan: fan yourself to cool down when its hot, fan your fire to help keep it going, blow away smoke and fan away clouds if insects.
  9. Paddle: if you are in a kayak or canoe and lose an oar.
  10. Signaling Device: I chose bright orange so I could wave it around to attract attention
  11. Sport Fun: You can play Frisbee with the members of your group, the ones that aren’t on guard or patrol duty.

As an Uncommon Bug Out Bag item, the Frisbee, has a proven that it can serve many role and functions as part of your bug out bag or survival kit. The Frisbee’s many uses may allow you to get rid of some single function items in your bag. It’s fairly flat and very light weight, which means that you can stow in the back sleeve of your pack.

Let’s be honest, Uncommon Bug Out Bag Items are great ideas and items like the Frisbee can seriously be part of the gear, but our main goal is to get you thinking about alternate uses for everyday items.

There are a many many type of Frisbees, some even glow in the dark! Check them out at Amazon.com

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  1. Harold in Maryland

    I carry a cheap plastic place mat in my bag for many of the same reasons. One place mat costs about $1, weighs nothing, and stores flat. Two additional uses for a place mat or Frisbee are: a seat on the ground to keep your bottom dry, and as a wind blocker around a camp stove or while starting a fire.

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