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Tiny House Round-Up 08/16/2014

tiny house round-up We all love the Tiny House and Tiny Homes. Here are the coolest Tiny Homes and Tiny House stories, that we found this week, in our Tiny House Round-Up




Tiny House Round-Up 08/16/2014


More Tiny Houses in the News

This whimsical tiny house with its own pizza oven was built for just $15000

Inhabitat - 17 hours ago
Although some may equate living in a tiny house with austere minimalism, with savvy planning there's always room for a little whimsy. Take this 221-square-foot tiny home, which, in addition to...

Metro high school students build tiny house to prepare for construction industry jobs

fox4kc.com - 2 hours ago
So they're building a 900-square-foot tiny home with a double garage and all the amenities. And from the foundation to the roof, the students are doing it all. "I'm pretty proud,"...

Tiny house in Fairfax can be yours for $25K

Curbed DC - 1 day ago
Measuring 8 feet by 20 feet by 12 feet, this tiny house sure is puny, but it also is perfect for those looking to downsize. Listed on Craigslist for $25,000, this cozy residence spans a total of 240...

Vantage tiny house is built for regular road trips

New Atlas - 2 days ago
We usually associate Tiny Heirloom with luxury full-time homes like the climbing wall-clad Adventure House and transforming Vintage Glam, but the firm's latest model, the Vantage, is smaller and...

This tiny house village allows drugs. Should it have been put in a high drug-traffic area?

The Seattle Times - 3 days ago
Since moving into his own tiny house, a mint-green shed with a red patio umbrella out front, Ceesay started going to treatment meetings. He's been sober for 27 days. Putting a lock on his door...

Couple restores an old Airstream into a chic tiny home on wheels

Inhabitat - 2 days ago
Embracing an on-the-road lifestyle and downsizing your belongings doesn't necessarily mean sacrificing style. Kate Oliver and Ellen Prasse renovated an old Airstream into a chic and sophisticated...

These Japanese Micro-Kitchens Make Me Want A Tiny Home

Co.Design (blog) - 2 days ago
We live in the era of tiny homes and micro-apartments, a global trend that's only growing in urban areas as we all search for affordable housing. In turn, the American kitchen as we know it is...

Five Things You Didn't Know About “Tiny House Hunters”

TVOvermind - 22 hours ago
There's a new movement in the real estate business and it comes in tiny proportions. The tiny house movement has only grown in popularity as more and more people are trading space for cozy. Tiny...

New details on San Jose tiny homes emerge

The Mercury News - 8 hours ago
But Andrea Urton, head of Home First, the organization the city has tapped to run the tiny homes pilot, said her team has mapped out a series of steps aimed at making sure things run smoothly....

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