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Top Posts of 2013

top posts of 2013Happy New Years Friends! 2013 draws to a close, so here’s our recap of the most Top Posts of 2013.

Top Posts of 2013

Here is the listing of the Top 10 Posts of 2013, ranked by number of views.

#10 Poncho Shelters (Tarp Shelters)

 poncho shelters tarp shelters geekprepperPreppers need to take advantage of multiple use gear, whenever possible. It will lighten your loads and provide you with redundancy. Here we check out rain gear that can be used as a shelter.

#9 What if SHTF Never Happens?

what if shtf never happens geekprepperI’m constantly asked “What if you prep and nothing ever happens?” or “What if SHTF Never Happens?”….   “Would it all be a waste?”

#8 Surprising Statistics on American’s Preparedness

Surprising Statistics on American’s PreparednessA discovery of some Surprising Statistics on Americanis Preparedness, from the FEMA website, led to this post. What can we do to help?

#7 Homemade Laundry Detergent

homemade laundry detergent geek-prepper2013 wasn’t a prosperous year for everyone, and we know important to save money. We also wanted to add a bit of self reliance. I did the leg-work and contacted some homesteaders to a recipe, for homemade laundry detergent, that only costs a few cents per load!

 #6 Get in or Get through Kit (overlooked tools for post-TEOTWAWKI)

get in or get though geekprepperIn a post-TEOTWAWKI world, food and medicine will be worth more than gold. The easy pickings will be long gone by the time you get there. If you want to get the stuff you need you’re going to have to have a plan that other scavengers didn’t have, and the tools to make it happen.

#5 Restricted Water and the Secret Weapon to Access It

restricted water and the secret weapon to access it silcock key geekprepperWater is a high priority in most emergency situations; for something as simple as thirst, to decontamination, personal hygiene, or refilling a vehicle?s radiator. There are times that you need access to it, and its right there, but you can’t access it. Restricted water! One simple, inexpensive tool can change all that.

#4 Solo Stove Review

solo stove review geekprepperEveryone seems to really love the Solo Stove. Finally, the weather broke, so  I could test out this Solo Stove and get you the review you asked for!

#3 Life without Electricity

life without electricity geek-prepperIts winter, here in the USA. My area had just gotten hit with ice storms, the electricity had been on and off all night. This got me back to reflecting on the power grid and how to live life without electricity.

#2 Protect Your Head

protect your head geekprepperWouldn’t it be dumb luck, to survive some major catastrophe just to lose your life because you tripped and hit your head? Everyone is sure to wear helmets, when riding bikes or motorcycles, so make sure to protect your head after the SHTF or when bugging out!

The #1 post

This posts popularity really surprised me. Something so simple seemed to really strike home with so many.

#1 Fire Starting with Tinder from Endless Wood Shavings

Fire Starting with Tinder from Endless Wood Shavings geek-prepper Fire starting isn’t easy, even when it?s not an emergency. Imagine how hard it?s going to be, when you have to do it for real. The key to a starting a fire is good tinder and small pieces of wood, but if you?re on the move you may not think to pick up the right materials as you pass them.

Geek Prepper hopes you enjoyed your time with us in 2013, as much as we enjoyed learning with you and writing for you. Have a Happy and Safe New Year, and we look forward to prepping with you in 2014.

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  1. I’m so glad I found your blog. I look forward to reading and learning more in 2014 as well as catching up on past posts. Keep up the great work and happy new year.

  2. I’m so glad I found your blog, albeit at the close of 2013. You’ve got so much invaluable information here. Thanks for all that you do and for sharing your resources and knowledge with your readers. I look forward to more great reading and information in 2014 as well as catching up with all past posts. Keep up the great work. Happy new year!

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