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Firearms for Home Defense

firearms for home defenseHow will you defend your home and loved ones should you be subjected to a home invasion or other violent crimes in your home? Are you prepared to use Firearms for home defense ?

Firearms for home defense

What are the smart choices of Firearms for home defense.

Handgun: this is what you use if intruders are in the house and are really close. A double stack 9mm is a handgun is great for home defense, it holds quite a few rounds and the recoil is very manageable.  A handgun is better than nothing, but you should use one only until you get to your shotgun. Make sure you have some form of tactical flashlight to avoid shooting at the wrong person or noise!

Handgun Accessories

Shotguns: perfect for home defense, but longer than a handgun. Most homeowners opt for the 12 gauge shotgun, but if you are of smaller stature, then a 20 gauge or 410 will likely be more controllable for you. Make sure to get a tactical shotgun light to see what you’re aiming at!

Remington 870 Accessories

Mossberg 500 Accessories

Shotgun Ammo: 00 buck is solid choice of ammo, but if you have family at home and are worried about penetrating walls, then #4 buck will be a good alternative.

If you ever have to use fire a gun, you must keep in mind what is down-range. Never aim at anything that is in the path of any occupants of your home, even if there is a wall separating them from you and the intruder.

If you have an intruder, do not go and engage them. Call 911 and secure your family in the most secure room, that is accessible to you, and stay there. You should only engage the intruder if they try to get to you and your family! You can replace items, but not people.

Firearms Safety

With any gun the rules should be safety, training and practice. These aren’t toys. Never point at anything you don’t want to destroy or kill! EVER!

If you are an owner of firearms, I recommend a sturdy locking safe, that can grant you quick access in an emergency, while keeping children and burglars out of your weapons. If you can’t afford a safe, there are other options like Locking Gun Cabinets, or a super thick aircraft aluminum dog tie-out cable run through the slide/receiver and padlocked to a wall or heavy piece of furniture.

It seems like during a robbery, they always grab the homeowners guns, if they can. Even worse would be to have a loved on become injured because you didn’t do your due-diligence and secure your weapon as all responsible gun owners should.

If you plan to use Firearms for home defense, make sure to study your home before you have to use them. Always ensure that nothing you love (Family members, friends, neighbors, etc) are in the line of fire, even if they are behind a wall, take no chances and hold that fire! Avoid shooting in the direction of occupied rooms.

Be Prepared, and always, always make sure you know not only what you are aiming at, but what is behind it!

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