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Bug out Bag Checklist

bug out bag checklist A bug out bag checklist, to ensure we have all the gear we’ll require when it’s time to go!

Bug out Bag Checklist

The list of items we should have on our person or in our backpack:

Food and Water


  • Tarp for shelter
  • Heavy duty survival blanket
  • survival space blankets
  • Sleeping bag


  • firesteel
  • cigarette lighter
  • Tinder or fire-starting materials


  • flashlight
  • head lamp
  • Emergency candle




  • Military rain poncho (get one that opens up to double as small shelter)
  • wool stocking cap (watch cap)
  • hat (sun protection)
  • Bandana or Shemagh
  • Socks, and extra socks (wool?)


  • sunscreen
  • bug repellent
  • harmonica,  (music soothes the savage beast)




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