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Amazon Listmania Lists to Discover Preparedness Items

Amazon ListmaniaIf you’ve never seen the Amazon Listmania lists you are missing out. I use them all the time to find new or previously unknown preparedness and survival gear.

Amazon Listmania

EDIT: Amazon has discontinued Listmania. It’s a sad day, as many of the items we use were discovered on there.

There are a million people with a million good lists. We can’t think of everything so it’s nice to see what others are packing in their bug out bags, get home bags and buying to prepare. Here are a few that turn into a never ending rabbit hole of good ideas and items!

Bug Out Bag Listmania

Prepper Listmania

Survival Gear Listmania

Preparedness Listmania

Amazon Listmania Home Page

For every list you look at there are related lists listed in the margin to the right of the page. I always find new things and new ideas. Make sure you have plenty of time, because it never ends!

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