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Aluminum Grain Shovel

Aluminum Grain Shovels geek-prepperPreparedness isn’t all about bugging out and tactical weaponry, it’s about being prepared. Part of being prepared is having tools to get things done to keep life moving forward. Even if there isn’t some type of SHTF situation, you can benefit from having an Aluminum Grain Shovel as one of your tools.

Aluminum Grain Shovel

Preparedness is about being prepared and part of that is having tools that will stand the test of time.

There is one tool, that I learned about as a young lad on the farm, that I will always have in my garage or shed. That tool is an Aluminum (or steel) grain shovel.

A quality Aluminum grain shovel isn’t a great choice for digging holes, but is still the one of the greatest shovels ever created.

I use my Aluminum grain shovel for shoveling the snow from my walks and driveway. While cleaning the walks, I’ve used it to chip away that nasty ice that hides out under the snow. I’ve used it to unload mulch, fill dirt and stone from my truck. If I need to scoop or shovel stuff then this is probably the shovel I grab.

Those plastic snow shovels, never last me more than a winter or two, before I break them, and good luck using them to unload grain or stone from a truck.

I’ve used and abused this shovel, but it’s lasted me years. Granted it’s got some wear on it, but it’s still going strong.

I always keep my eyes open for durable hand tools to get me through a SHTF situation, but it’s nice to have a rugged tool that I can use on a normal day of chores. If you want a shovel that will last you a lifetime (or a good long time), invest the $40-50 on a good quality Aluminum Grain Shovel (or steel).


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