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5 Top Survival Rifles

5 Top Survival Rifles AR-7What are the major qualities of a great survival gun? The question itself is loaded (no pun intended) since each situation warrants a different approach. The most important factors are their flexibility for both hunting, self-defense and durability as well as being able to fire commonly available ammunition you won’t have to worry about. It should also be noted that affordability is also a factor determining its use, however since you need to be trained in its use to make the weapon more than just a dangerous tool.

That being said, this list aims to provide you with the most useful picks I have chosen from the currently available stock weapons available in the West. Some of you will likely disagree with my choices, but as I mentioned above each situation and person has a different perspective and needs according to the dangers they face. We begin my list with the following choice:

5 Top Survival Rifles

  • Bushmaster AR-15: A popular modification of the M-4 assault rifle used by the US Military forces, it is a crowd favorite for both ex-military and civilian owners. It allows flexibility and stopping power through the use of 5.56mm and .223 caliber rounds. Although the prices start at about $1200 and going up if you are able to find them, a weapon of that class would be priceless in an emergency situation. Its relatively lightweight construction through the use of synthetic and aluminum pieces brings its total weight to 7.56 pounds when empty. A 30-round magazine gives you more than enough firepower to hunt, defend yourself or lay down suppressing fire in case of the worst.
  • Henry Arms AR-7: An absolutely wonderful choice for small game hunting and survival, it offers a wonderful and compact frame with parts breaking down and fitting into the butt stock of the rifle. Much like the Armalite AR-7 Explorer used by pilots of the U.S. Air Force this modernized and updated version of the classic rifle is light and compact. Its weight is only 3 ½ lbs with a length of 16 ½ inches when packed in compact form. It originally comes with two magazines, 8-rounds each. It will fit your backpack nicely and because of its .22 LR caliber you’ll be able to carry a good quantity of ammo without weighing yourself down. Retail prices of the AR-7 start at about $275.
  • Ruger 10/22: A very popular choice for many survivalists and for a good reason. A perfect choice for small game, its stock variation coming with a 10-round rotary magazine. A .22 LR caliber is once again the ammo it uses, allowing lightweight ammunition supplies. Aftermarket magazines for about $20 offer you a staggering increase of up to 50 rounds per magazine, combined with many other options such as custom barrels, scope mounts, stocks, triggers and more. Its price begins at $200 and it goes up. If you want to be completely silent in your hunting adventures you can look up the AWC Ultra II variation of the 10/22 which offers an integrated suppressor.
  • AK-47: One of the most easily recognizable weapons in the world, this Russian classic offers a 30-round 7.62x39mm magazine and an unquestionable durability. Used in conflicts around the world by forces ranging from military, militant and mercenary forces, the AK-47 is easily a weapon you can count on. Although its recoil pattern requires getting used to, you can achieve great accuracy rate at ranges of up to 400 yards in single-shot or short bursts. You can find Russian and Eastern European recent makes on the market starting at about $500.
  • Gamo Whisper .177 Cal Air Rifle: You first reaction might be to laugh at the very idea, however pellet guns operate using air. You don’t need to worry about gunpowder residue and jamming as often as you might if you don’t maintain your other firearms. The pellets are ridiculously cheap and small in size, allowing the accumulation of large quantities in a very small space. Pellet guns are excellent for hinting squirrels, birds and small game. They are silent and very useful, allowing you to fire from cover without attracting much attention from your targets. Practically useless in self-defense however, so its only mentioned because of its usefulness in the aforementioned situations. The Gamo Whisper has a noise dampener which removes about 50% of the noise of the weapon, making it excellent for stealth and hunting. You can combine that with a scope for maximum efficiency and you will have a very useful tool in your arsenal.

Bio: Amber Collins is a professional freelance writer, blogger and social media junkie. She enjoys discovering new territories and traveling all over the world on a budget. Her curiosity about anything related to camping, hiking and life on the go is the reason why she is constantly changing her N9 relocation and traveling the world. Her present article is dedicated on the top survival rifles you can ever come across to.

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