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Budget Bug Out Tent

budget bug out tent

   I wanted a decent tent. I only had 2 requirements, that it didn’t cost me a fortune and that it wasn’t a crazy bright color, but something that would blend in. If I could meet those 2 items I’d have a great budget but out tent!

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Key Chain Survival Tools

key chain survival tools

Usually if we leave the house, we have our wallet and our key chain (or key ring). What better way would there be, to ensure that you have some basic tools than to put together some key chain survival tools?

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Altai Tactical Boots

altai tactical boots

My last pair of boots were looking a bit worn down, so I was on the prowl for some new boots. Out of the blue, I get contacted, to see if I’m willing to test and review a pair of Altai Tactical Boots. They have no idea what they are getting into. Do they?

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