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How To Survive Radiation Poisoning From A Nuclear Attack Or Accident

With two nuclear capable countries engaged in continuous bombardment of colorful words, one can’t help but think that at some point, someone pissed enough would push the red button and trigger the next world war. According to many surveys, the US-North Korea rift makes one of the greatest world security concerns today. Moreover, the news of US conducting quiet military ...

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How to Survive an Air Raid in Your City

In the past, air raids turned vibrant communities into rubble. Lives ended in a snap without an opportunity to fight back. In this generation where kids enjoy their iPads, Xbox, and school allowance, it would be a pain for everything to go away due to a war. And in a war where air raids always win, a lot will be ...

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How To Survive Mass Shootings and Sniper Attacks

Almost ZERO percent — your chances of facing a sniper attack or other kinds of mass shooting. Despite this seemingly reassuring fact, the recent shooting incident at a country music event in Las Vegas serves as a warning of changing times. According to the news, the bloody killing spree of a lone gunman with his semi automatic rifle caused at ...

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Hurricane Safety Tips: How To Be Safe at Home or Evacuating

With multiple high category hurricanes careening from the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean, different areas of the United States expect heavy rains, strong winds, and flooding. Apart from these, locals must consider other hazards that could come along with this calamity. Recently, Hurricane Harvey extended up to Texas making it the first category 3 hurricane to reach that ...

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Home Defense Against Looters And Intruders During Civil Unrest

With the increasing number of riots due to violent political protests and social controversies this past few months, a civil unrest will likely occur in the United States. Apart from these, the rising unemployed and underemployed population who sees very little hope in their lives may start a revolution. When a massive civil disorder happens, a series of social and economic ...

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