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Prepper Skills

Defend Against Home Invasion

defend against home invasion

  There’s not a day that goes by, where we don’t read about another home invasion. Home invasions are on the rise, and to protect your family you need to take some simple precautions to defend against home invasion.

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PVC Pipe solar stake bracket

pvc bracket for solar stakes

I went from doing a plumbing project to mowing the grass and had an epiphany while trimming around all the solar panels staked into the ground at random points in my landscaping. I can make a simple PVC pipe solar stake bracket!

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Family Survival Training

family survival training

   If you are a single gentleman or lady and don’t have other people dependent on you, then this post probably isn’t for you. This post is for the men and women, who have family and friends, that may be dependent on them for their survival. If you fit into this category, then you know how important it is for ...

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