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Prepper Skills

Humans as Predators after SHTF

humans as predators after shtf

Once things start to go south, I can see the human predators mirroring the tactics of predatory beasts. After all the easy pickings are gone, they will begin to utilize the same base instincts, just like real animals.

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Solar Power “Generator”

I’m always on the look out for alternate ways to provide power to my technical gadgets. I really want to take my solar power generation to the next level, but if I have to bug out I’ll have to leave it all behind….or will I?

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Knot Tying Resources for Children

knot tying resources for children

  Children’s minds are like sponges. Show them something, or teach them something while young and they’ll have it for life. An important skill that children should be taught is knot tying. Doesn’t it make sense to give them knowledge that will come in handy almost every day of their life?

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