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Commander Vest from SafeGuard ARMOR

As important as body armor is even before the SHTF, it is important to know what you’re getting if you’re relying on it to take a bullet for you. Safeguard Armor have provided me with one of their tactical vests to review, called the Commander.

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Other Situations Where Body Armor Could Save Your Life

body armor could save your life

Each and every day, you go about your day, assuming that you are safe and that there is nothing bad going to happen to you. Depending on what you do for a living, there is a good chance that someone may come into your place of business and put your life in danger today. It is best to make sure ...

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SafeGuard Armor Giveaway

safeguard covert body armor giveaway

You could win one of 2 SafeGuard Armor covert body armors! We have both the  Ghost or the Stealth, that offer some great protection, while being subtle and concealable! Each one is valued at $476, as configured Act Now! This is your chance to get some free covert body armor. Enter to win!            

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Body Armor, to Protect Your Body

When we discuss preparedness, many times we discuss planning for food, water, shelter and medical needs. Now we need to discuss how to protect the human body. The method we are discussing today is body armor, to protect your body.

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