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Tiny House Round-Up 10/18/2014

tiny house round-up We all love the Tiny House and Tiny Homes. Here are the coolest Tiny Homes and Tiny House stories, that we found this week, in our Tiny House Round-Up. Make sure to check back, because we do update the Tiny House News from across the Web very very often!




Tiny House Round-Up 10/18/2014

Here are the stories or posts, that we felt provided some great ideas or concepts, in the Tiny Home, or Tiny House concepts.

Tiny House Cooking

Cooking in a Tiny House or Camper: These are the recipes that are designed to use the minimal amount of stove burners. These recipes are designed to be simple and use minimal ingredients and kitchen utensils

More Tiny Houses in the News

Off-grid tiny house supersizes the teardrop and puts a shell on top

Gizmag - 5 hours ago
The Tiny Drop's interior lighting is provided by energy-efficient LED lights and the tiny house gets all its electricity via solar panels. The home includes a water filtration system and Tend...

Tiny house movement tackles zoning setbacks

Tribune-Review - 2 days ago
Ford, 29, of West View said she wanted a home of her own but couldn't afford one that would cost about $100,000, what she called a “reasonable” price for a home in the Pittsburgh area. Ford...

Tiny-home camping comes to Waterton Lakes National Park

CBC.ca - 1 day ago
The house on wheels measures a snug 165 square feet. But when construction is complete, this diminutive abode will be equipped with all the amenities of home — a full kitchen, bathroom, loft, and...

Should 'tiny houses' be allowed in the suburbs?

Chicago Daily Herald - 7 hours ago
As the only tiny-house builder within 800 miles, Titan Home Builders owner Bob Clarizio said he's been working in "blitzkrieg mode" ever since he decided in January to stop doing...

Big dreams, tiny houses: Detroit project offers affordable, rent-to-own housing

The Detroit News - 2 days ago
The $1.5 million project, east of Cass' headquarters, will cover 21/2 blocks near Elmhurst and the M-10 Service Drive, just east of Woodrow Wilson. Once it's finished, it will likely be the...

Napa couple takes tiny house on 'wellness' tour

Napa Valley Register - 2 days ago
... tiny house on a Journey to Wellness Tour, promoting their company China Rose Wellness. They are seen looking out the Dutch door of their Romani “Vardo” wagon, which is parked near their Alta...

Tiny house village plotted for homeless

The News Journal - 4 days ago
Harris said she was inspired by established tiny home communities for the destitute in other places: Newfield, New York; Olympia, Washington; and Portland, Oregon In each case, the homes are...

Idaho mom built a tiny house for her family and their Great Dane

Inhabitat - 3 days ago
Meet Atlas, a tiny road-ready solar home that combines an RV's comfort with camping's freedom and access to nature. Longmont-based F9 Productions designed the beautiful micro-home as an...

5 Tips for Making Your Teeny Tiny Home Feel Bigger

The Stir - 1 day ago
Since we're not all blessed with millions to drop on a Kardashian-size mega mansion, usually we just have to make do with what we have. Even when "what we have" is a teeny-tiny rental...

This Point Reyes Tiny House Is Too Adorable

Curbed SF - 4 days ago
Though not for sale, this "Bath House" in Inverness was recently renovated into a gorgeous tiny home. It sits among a cluster of farm buildings in Point Reyes, designed to blend in with the...

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