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Tiny House Round-Up 09/20/2014

tiny house round-up We all love the Tiny House and Tiny Homes. Here are the coolest Tiny Homes and Tiny House stories, that we found this week, in our Tiny House Round-Up. Make sure to check back, because we do update the Tiny House News from across the Web very very often!




Tiny House Round-Up 09/20/2014

Here are the stories or posts, that we felt provided some great ideas or concepts, in the Tiny Home, or Tiny House concepts.

Tiny House Cooking

Cooking in a Tiny House or Camper: These are the recipes that are designed to use the minimal amount of stove burners. These recipes are designed to be simple and use minimal ingredients and kitchen utensils

More Tiny Houses in the News

Off-grid tiny house keeps toes toasty in the coldest climes

New Atlas - 1 day ago
Quebec's Minimaliste, the firm behind the Sakura tiny house, recently completed another towable dwelling that can handle very cold weather. The difference with the Laurier is that it runs...

Tiny House Warriors building tiny homes to block construction of oil pipeline (Video)

Treehugger - 24 hours ago
There, she saw tiny houses being built or donated to help protect and support the protesters there. Inspired by this experience, Manuel has brought this idea back home. These solar-powered structures...

Would You Put a Tiny House for a Homeless Person in Your Backyard?

Truth-Out - 3 hours ago
That's where the tiny-house-in-a-neighborhood-backyard comes in, by modeling a community solution to homelessness and allowing people to step up, to offer up some space and invite a new member...

Rugged forest beauty finds a home in the Acadia tiny house

New Atlas - 2 days ago
The Acadia National Park in Maine, US, is home to thousands of acres of thick, coastal woodlands that explode in color each fall, and it is these dramatic palettes that have inspired one of Wind...

Marcus Lemonis finds giant problems with Tumblewood Tiny Homes

CNBC - 2 days ago
Steve Weissmann might have a smile on his face, but he's far from happy. The owner and CEO of tiny house company Tumbleweed is over a million dollars in ...and...

Tiny house, big dreams: Building a home from scratch

The Detroit News - 5 days ago
Detroit — Alexander Weyer has a big vision for his tiny house. “It's going to be my mobile house, but it's also going to be a mobile apothecary so that whatever community I'm in or...

Rotating tiny 'Escape Pod' lets you get away from it all

Curbed - 2 days ago
There's the backyard Archipod, that floating treehouse orb, and even a KFC-branded tiny dome shelter. But if you're looking for ... The 75-square-foot shingled spheres can be outfitted as an...

Architects create a tiny house for a big problem

Finance and Commerce - 1 day ago
The 14-member nonprofit, made up of architects from eight countries, is bringing that vision to life in the form of its 500-square-foot “Hex House.” The group has built two prototypes, one of...

Silhouette tiny house offers a workout with a view

New Atlas - 4 days ago
The Silhouette, by Wind River Tiny Homes, makes the most of the available view where it's located in Vermont – using two large windows in the living room, a circular window in the bathroom, and...

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