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Bug-Out Bag with 1000 Liters of Water

1000 liters of water lifestraw

Bug-out bag time! It’s late at night. You’re asleep. You awaken, you hear sirens, neighbors screaming, FEMA vans are rolling into your neighborhood. You grab your bug-out bag, the kids and scramble out the back door and into the night. You have your 1 quart canteen of water. You thought you’d have more time to prepare. How can you get by ...

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eBooks when the Grid is Down.

reading ebooks when the grid is down

  In the digital age, eBooks are a constant. We read them on trains, we read them while waiting in line and we study with them. What will happen to your vast repository of eBooks if we have a Grid Down situation? How will you access that knowledge? Will it still be available or will you lose this resource forever? ...

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Shipping Container House

shipping container house

  We all hear about shipping container homes, but many of us haven’t seen what goes into transforming a steel box into a livable space. Luckily a reader emailed me some pictures of someone creating a shipping container house.

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