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Hygiene after SHTF

hygiene after shtf

Hygiene after SHTF, or after natural disaster will be important to stop the spread of illness and disease. It can also provide a measure of relaxation and normalcy in a strange, tense time.

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Embrace the Suck

embrace the suck

There are times in our lives when things just plain suck. Maybe you lost your keys or your dog ran away. There is no doubt about it; it sucks. There is one way to deal with these situations. Embrace the Suck.

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Coiling Rope

Do you have several ropes hanging around, literally, that are stored in no particular fashion? If so, this is for you. If you are hoping to learn how to coil your ropes in a way that is neat and tidy as well as easy to unwind when you need it, you will want to pull up a chair and pay ...

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