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Commander Vest from SafeGuard ARMOR

As important as body armor is even before the SHTF, it is important to know what you’re getting if you’re relying on it to take a bullet for you. Safeguard Armor have provided me with one of their tactical vests to review, called the Commander.

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Body Armor, to Protect Your Body

When we discuss preparedness, many times we discuss planning for food, water, shelter and medical needs. Now we need to discuss how to protect the human body. The method we are discussing today is body armor, to protect your body.

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Body Armor for Preppers!

body armor for preppers

Body armor can make a huge difference in your survival plan. All it takes is one shot to put a person down, but if you’re wearing some decent body armor, you may just live to fight another day! Body Armor for preppers should be an essential piece of gear regardless of your decision to bug out or bug in!

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