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The Get Home Bag and its Contents

You’re driving home from work one day, and BANG, it goes down. The Shiz has hit the fan. Your car is out of commission and like most commuters, you’ve got a good distance to go to make it home. You quickly check your Get Home Bag, strap it on and start moving! What separates you from everyone else stuck on ...

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Plan Your Bug Out Routes

plan your bug out routes

  If the SHTF, you can bet that the preppers and non-preppers alike are going to head for the hills. Many of those people trying to get out of dodge are going to jump in their cars and hit the road, causing quite a large traffic jam of sitting ducks. If using a rugged bug out vehicle to escape down back ...

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Only 5 Items

only 5 items

  What if you could only grab 5 items in an emergency, when you are bugging out or before being stranded on a desert island ? What 5 items would they be?

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