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Prepping When You Have Children

prepping when you have children  Thinking about SHTF is bad enough, but when you add your children to the equation it gets that much more serious. Prepping When You Have Children can feel overwhelming, while we can’t reduce the seriousness we can prepare for it.

Prepping When You Have Children

Has your family modified your preparedness and bug out gear to include the extra requirements for children. In addition to your bug out bags, you will want to include some games or coloring books and other kid specific gear. Maybe even a small dedicated tote, stashed with your other bug out gear, that you can toss in the car when it’s time to get the heck out of Dodge!

Bugging Out

If you have to bug out on foot, just toss a coloring book, some crayons or some small travel games into your bug out bag. If you can head out via car, then you can go with a larger Tote-based bug out kit. Everyone should have Multiple Bug Out load outs to cover different scenarios.

Here is my current automotive size family “bug out” kit, the second Tote is clothing and toiletries.

Tote #1

Tote #2 is food and clothing, and paper products.

  • Rain Gear
  • Cold weather Gear, jackets, boots, gloves, sweatshirts, etc
  • Toilet paper, lots of it
  • Feminine hygiene (another item to bury with the shovel), also good for medical supplies!

Kids and/or baby Tote

  • diapers and supporting toiletries (wipes, lotions, powder, ointment for rashes)
  • an excess of trash bags for waste management
  • A way to bury diapers. You don’t want someone following your trail of litter to find you!
  • Preferred foods like water, basic grains/cereals plus dry milk, juices, fruit
  • Sleeping mats (further comfort and insulation for child)
  • A method of baby proofing the area
  • Some way to keep child from exiting tent while everyone is sleeping (paracord loop around ankle perhaps? Man that sounds weird, but it it’s a valid concern)
  • Fun Activities
    • Crayons and Coloring books. Even better Activity Pads (we used to call them “Fun Pads”). If you have kids, Please, please, please don’t forget the crayons and coloring pages ;-)
    • Small travel games
    • Copies of favorite books
    • Copy of favorite stuffed animal or doll (Trust me if the original one goes missing, this will be a life saver!)

Bugging In

If it’s a grid down and you want to Bug In (at home) then inventory your supplies at home:

  • Flashlight and Headlamps
  • LED Lantern(s)
    • Child safe lighting (avoid candles, flames and anything that creates fumes or depletes oxygen. A solar powered inflatable LED Lantern, might be a good idea.
    • Don’t overlook other areas, like bathrooms, where you might want to have a dedicated light.
  • Fun Activities
  • Battery powered radio
    • Music calms the savage beast, and you’ll want to hear news from the outside world.
  • Snacks
    Prepping When You Have Children

    Carry your child and keep your hands free!

If your family has to travel on foot and you have an infant or toddler, then you’ll want  to invest in one of the Backpack child carriers. They could be the difference between you and your child making it to safety or being stuck someplace!

Prepping When You Have Children can be a monumental stress, but any preparations you make can only make your situation better.