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Only 5 Items

only 5 items  What if you could only grab 5 items in an emergency, when you are bugging out or before being stranded on a desert island ? What 5 items would they be?

Only 5 Items

You have to bug out, but you can only take 5 items.

I know what my 5 items would be.

  1. Knife (preferably my Becker BK-2 Campanion, but I’d take any knife in a pinch!)
  2. Tarp (preferably nylon, for Shelter, rain harvesting, etc)
  3. cordage (paracord, if given a choice)
  4. Lighter (or firesteel)
  5. Steel camping cup (cooking, boiling water, etc)

That’s my list of 5 items. Now what are yours?

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