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Prepper Skills

Survival of the Mind

survival of the mind

A man who knows something about survival, explains that his training did not make him indestructible, but taught him to recognize his limitations and compensate for them, using survival of the mind.

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Disaster Readiness Planning using Google Maps

Many of us know our way around our area if we are driving, but what if that’s not an option? If there is one thing everyone should do, it should be to do disaster readiness planning with Google Maps. This can provide you with a birds eye view and terrain view of the areas you are likely to be.

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The Dog, Natures Alarm system.

  Without a dog, what will you do to alert yourself and your family to trouble around your property when there is no electricity for your motion lights or home alarm system? If society fails and you want to hunker down, wouldn’t it be good to know that someone is snooping around your place at night? A dog will let ...

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