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Back yard fire pit

In my previous post Backyard Primitive Fire starting, I had promised that I’d start my training to start fires without modern tools by using a back yard fire pit. This is an update of the progress I’ve made on that promise.

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Backyard Primitive Fire starting

Every time I watch one of those “survivor” TV shows, like Survivorman, or Man vs Wild, I see these people starting fires with nothing but sticks. I’ve been neglectful of developing my Backyard Primitive Fire starting skills , just like many of you.

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Fire Starting with Tinder from Endless Wood Shavings

Fire Starting with Tinder from Endless Wood Shavings geek-prepper

Fire starting isn’t easy, even when it’s not an emergency. Imagine how hard it’s going to be, when you have to do it for real. The key to a starting a fire is good tinder and small pieces of wood, but if you’re on the move you may not think to pick up the right materials as you pass them.

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