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Back yard fire pit

back yard fire pitIn my previous post Backyard Primitive Fire starting, I had promised that I’d start my training to start fires without modern tools by using a back yard fire pit. This is an update of the progress I’ve made on that promise.

Back yard fire pit

I promised to start working on building fires, using primitive methods. That means practice practice practice, even when it’s not convenient.

I came up with the idea of using a fire pit, in my backyard to make it a bit easier.

I ordered my new back yard fire pit, I chose the Fire Sense 22-Inch Folding Fire Pit, because it was portable, and because it was only $48.

I also told my wife and kids that we could use our back yard fire pit  to roast marshmallows, for smores, and to cook hot dogs. I think it will also add some realism and ambiance to the backyard camp outs, that the kids and I do regularly, to get them used to sleeping outdoors in tents.

It’ll also give me some good footage about my fire-making progress and let me actually use the wood that I batton and chop with the tools I always discuss on this blog.

All in all it sounds like the Fire Sense 22-Inch Folding Fire Pit will be a win for everyone.


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