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DIY Water Filter

DIY Home Water Filter

Everyone knows that the Big Berkey is the premier water filter of choice and it is a champ.  If you can afford one, then you should have one to provide clean, safe water to you and your family in the event of an emergency or clean water shortage. If you can’t afford that, I’m here to help you build your ...

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Do You Need Binoculars for Preparedness?

do you need binoculars

I’ve seen some discussion where people discount the need for binoculars in your preps. They go as far to claim that they waste space and add unneeded weight in their bug out bags or gear. Those people are wrong you do need Binoculars for preparedness.

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Camp Cooking with the Kelly Kettle

camp cooking with the kelly kettle

  We have a tradition at my house, every winter we get outside and have some hot cocoa. This gives us a great chance to practice our cooking with the Kelly Kettle . The kids love this annual festivity and it gives me a chance to teach them some outdoors stuff.

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The GunBox


  Firearms are paramount to home defense, but you’ve got to keep your weapon out of the wrong hands. If it’s locked up, can you quickly access it when you need it? There are many quick access pistol safes on the market, but most of them only provide limited features or mounting options. This was true until one of my ...

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